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Who Are We

MarketStreet by Cloudias Innovations is a community-centric e-commerce platform that aims to bring together amazing local brands and goods and services, thereby creating a thriving ecosystem of niche products from local agropreneurs, artisans, mom-and-pops and women entrepreneurs for consumers to find them more easily and quickly.

Multi-vendor Marketplace

We sell e-commerce services and digital solutions and adopt Information Systems and Information Technology to innovate businesses and build brands. We Build-Operate-Manage, an SaaS-enabled hyperlocal multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that fosters e-commerce services in the conventional local community trading system.

Multi-vendor Marketplace
Compete with Larger National Brands

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Our expert team aspires to provide technology-driven solutions that enhance the quality of small businesses and the value of micro-brands with the utmost convenience. To achieve this, we nurture small and niche local businesses for them to compete with larger national brands in the digital realm; raise consumer awareness and support to recognise emerging brands and passionate creators, and accelerate local socio-economic growth.

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